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New Year, DJs, drum 'n' bass and 1 speedlight

January 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Little did I know about new years day, and did not expect to spend my afternoon at a London Club taking photographs.

But this was not any club, it was the king of clubs, with amazing lights and great music.

Mark, A good friend of mine, who probably has the most awesomest (yes I said awesomest) job in the world, invited me over to this gig, where he was DJ'ing with his mates 'Kings of the Rollers'. They are Drum and Bass DJs, and they are bloody good!.

Being in the guest list meant I could hang out on the artits lounge, got free drinks, and was able to be on stage by the DJs booth during my mate's show. It also meant I got to hang out with amazing people, who were very chilled and relaxed, open to conversation, and most of all they were great to photograph.

Being a very fast venue, I did not really have time to setup lights and softboxes or anything of that nature, all I had was this:

My kit consisted of:

1 x D90 DSLR, 1 x D300S DSLR, 1 SB600 Nikon speed light, 1 x 50 mm 1.8 prime Nikkor, 1 x 10-20mm wide angle Sigma, 1 x 17-70 zoom Sigma, a plastic flash diffuser, a remote flash trigger (not displayed in the photo) and 2 x lens hoods. This was not the best equipment for the job, this was not the most expensive kit out there. In fact this kit is over 7 years old, but is all I had, and I am known for squeezing every single drop out of a lens before I move on to the next, and so I did, and it was great.

The day started at the artists lounge, where I setup my camera and flash light, and got some test shots, there were some red neon lights on the ceiling which made things a bit difficult, I had to kill this light, ambient light was not my friend on this venue, and I had to prepare for it. So I took a few test shots:

There was still some glare from the red light, but nothing I could not control with my flash, I also had a remote trigger so I could move the flash around and give the subjects a bit of shadow on the side.

I moved around the venue, chatted with some people and got some photographs, it was all very relaxed, and great fun. a couple of the photos came out great, I was very happy with the results:

Full gallery here.

Above are @jsilksUK and @SerumDnB, who were performing on the day, Mark G. (SerumDnB) is the one who invited me over.

After spending some time in the lounge, it was time for the main event, so we headed downstairs and got into the DJ booth where Kings of the Rollers will be performing.

The performance was amazing.

There were loads of lights, moving around very fast, lasers coming out in every direction. This made my job as a photographer rather difficult. I would frame my shot and just wait for the right time, and patience paid off. With some good use of lihgting, a remote flash and a bit of patience, I was able to capture some great images, or at least I would like to believe that I did. I pushed my ISO and those lenses as hard as I could, some are noisy, but I take the noise if the composition and end result are good.

Souped up Records T-Shirt.

The full gallery is here if you fancy a look.

In all it was a great experience, and I will definitely go again, with some faster glass and equipment that handles high ISO better.




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