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Quick blog: DJ's, Fashion ..... and a white background

January 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Photography is full of surprises. Is ever challenging, but ever rewarding. I enjoy learning new things, and doing stuff I have not done before, even if it seems simple.

A good friend of mine, asked me if we could do some shots for their new E-Commerce website, where they will be offering some T-Shirts and Caps. Being the geek that I am, I said yes. I have never done this before for product placement, so I thought it would be good fun.

I had 1 hour to get it done, and they have quite a busy schedule, so we managed to find a slot that worked for us. I came to their location, and we got going.

I used a very simple setup for this shoot. Since I do not have a second light stand with a shoot through umbrella, I used what i had at hand.

  1. - 1 x Nikon SB600 speedlight
  2. - 1 x [insert any chinese brand here] Speedlight (quite good actually for £23)
  3. - 1 x Nikon D300S body
  4. - 1 x 50 mm Nikkor 1.8 Lens
  5. - 1 x Light Stand
  6. - 1 x Shoot through umbrella

The lighting setup looked something like this:

We started with some test shots, as always we need to warm up and get ready. This would be a quick shoot, so we did some quick checks on the lighting.

Because I was not using 2 umbrellas, I was getting an unveven background colour at the far right of the photos, so I used the back flash to fill more light in, I set it up as 1/2 power, and it did the trick.

I then decided to ditch the umbrella, and use the ceiling to bounce the light to a greater effect, it worked perfectly (it was a low ceiling which helped).

We cracked on and did what we had to do.

It went smooth, and we had time to spare for a joke or two (my jokes suck by the way).


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